Market Research

We provide independent insight into trends, attitudes and opinions of island residents and visitors. This enables policy and business decisions to be directly informed by local residents and consumers.

  • Understand your audience: Make strategic decisions with information on your target audience, what they think and what they do.
  • Engage stakeholders: Build relationships with the public, consumers or employees, for solutions that benefit more people.
  • Maintain & expand your business: Identify opportunities in new or existing markets, respond to market changes and compete more effectively.
  • Develop products, services & client experience: Create products, services and experiences that resonate with your clients or customers.

We work with our clients to draft questions that accurately reflect the research objectives and apply methods that adhere to best practice. This ensures our results are statistically robust and provides clients with independent insights that add value to their organisation or business.

We can employ a single method of market research, or use a package of methods, depending on the requirements of the project. Each method has its own advantages.

Online Surveys

Our panel of market research respondents in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Bermuda, along with advertising through social media, allows us to quickly and cost-effectively collect data from across a sample of the resident population.

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Face to Face Surveys

We employ interviewers in Jersey and Guernsey to survey residents and visitors. We collect socio-demographic information, expenditure data and opinions. We coordinate postal and telephone surveys to collect data from a sample of households.

Focus Groups

We offer both face-to-face and online focus groups. Facilitators stimulate discussion and use group dynamics to effectively understand preferences, behaviour and identify priorities. Semi-structured interviews with stakeholders are also offered.

Website Feedback

Respondents take part in an online feedback session, answering questions as to how useful and easy to use they found the client’s website to be. The findings cost-effectively inform client website development.

Mystery Clients

At a firm’s request, we employ mystery clients to visit or interact with the business or organisation and record their experience. Feedback on client experience or product and service quality helps to promote high standards of customer service.

Secondary Data Analysis

Our document review services collect, synthesise and independently review publicly available information and data on topics commissioned by clients. We also provide expert analysis and independent insight into data already collected by a client.

Island Global Research Panel

We have a panel of over 5,000 people in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, who we invite to participate in the research we conduct. We undertake our own surveys, as well as market research on behalf of clients.

Island Global Research Panel members receive invitations by email to participate in the surveys we run. If you are living in an island community you are eligible to sign up to the research panel.

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