New Survey: Brand Reputation in Jersey & Guernsey

Island Global Research

Island Global Research is carrying out research to measure the reputation of selected organisations in Guernsey and Jersey, and monitor which brands resonate most with island residents. This survey is an opportunity to share your views on local organisations and help us discover which brands have the best reputation. Headline results will be made publicly available on our website.

If you are a resident of Guernsey or Jersey you can take the survey by clicking on the relevant link below:

Guernsey Residents Jersey Residents

Channel Islands Christmas Lottery Survey

Island Global Research

We asked 3382 Channel Islanders about various aspects of the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery, including the ticket price and their own buying habits. Senior Lottery Officer, Jon Taylor said the survey findings regarding the cost of a ticket were conclusive with 73% of participants supporting a price of £2. The survey also highlighted the popularity of the instant part of the ticket with 70% of respondents wanting the scratch element of the ticket retained.

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