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The ongoing accumulation and analysis of key data and information on islands globally together with the identification of best practice from this data and information are fundamental objectives of the Company.


Based in Guernsey, Island Global Research is part of the BWCI Group and, internationally, a member of Abelica Global.

The depth of island experience within the Island Global Research team and the extensive database of economic, social and environmental data information being constantly gathered by the Company provide the organisation with a solid platform upon which to identify, analyse and deal with island specific challenges. This enables it to offer innovative, practical and, above all, cost effective solutions to a wide range of public and private sector organisations with direct or indirect interests in island communities.

Every island is unique in terms of its culture and heritage. However, there is a wide range of services and functions which are common to all islands large or small. Therefore, a primary objective of Island Global Research is to:

  • gather information on all of these common elements;
  • analyse them on a corporate and collaborative basis; and then
  • offer an island research and benchmarking service which highlights best practice.

Over 100 islands now form the scope of the research work. All data and information is obtained from primary sources and is updated at very regular intervals.