Acorn Enterprises and Forest Stores have been voted the people's favourite small brands in Jersey and Guernsey.

We'd also like to congratulate Beresford Street Kitchen, Grow, Bougard & Harry, Creature Comforts, Fat Rascal, Flour, Forest Road Garage, Genuine Jersey, Hansa, Harriet & Rose, Holme Grown, Iris & Dora, Jersey Skin, Lesbirel's Fruit & Veg, Lucas Farm Shop, Pretty Okay Candle Co, Relish Delicatessen, Scoop Jersey, Stonelakes Pharmacy, Surf & Turf, The Guernsey Weigh, The Sinful Vegan, The Wise Owl Café and Valpys who were all short-listed for the final vote in their respective islands after receiving the most nominations. It is clear these organisations are highly valued by our communities. Please click below for more information on how the vote worked and the results. The vote was run as part of our Brand Reputation survey, and overall ranking results for larger organisations regularly featured in the Brand Reputation Index can also be found by clicking below.

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