Press Release

Island Global Research’s latest survey into online purchase trends reveals that the tendency for islanders to shop online is increasing across Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Bermuda. Subsequently, the monitoring of online shopping trends has now become a very important element in island economic and social measurement and planning. A representative sample of 2,000 households across the four islands took part in the survey – click through to discover further insights.

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Press Release

Guernsey-based research company Island Global Research has carried out a survey of a representative sample of over 1,500 island residents equally distributed between the three Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man. The primary objective of the research was to seek the views and opinions of island residents on the forthcoming UK referendum.

Island Global Research in the News

IGR In The News: The results of the Cruise Market Survey that Island Global Research has been commissioned to undertake have been featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of Contact Magazine. (Source of original online article: Contact – Guernsey Chamber of Commerce Magazine.)

2016 Island Monitor 2

Island Monitors highlight key statistics, policies, and examples of best practice for a wide range of strategic topics. Monitors focus on 25 islands, but also draw best practice from a database covering more than 100 islands worldwide.

Island Global Research Newsletter 2015

Find out what Island Global Research have been up to in 2015: New style Island Monitors launched for 2016, Island Opinion survey service extended, meet the IGR Team, plus more news and events.

Communications Survey

The effectiveness of government communication has been highlighted in the latest IGR survey which sets out how good residents in four islands consider such communication is.

Work/Home Life Balance Survey

As part of its ongoing research development programme, Island Global Research is extending its island coverage to ascertain the views and opinions of a representative sample of residents in islands around the world on a range of subjects.