Island Monitor

Island Monitors are produced by Island Global Research. The publications benchmark social, economic and environmental indicators in islands, highlight government strategies and policies, and identify good practice.

The Series takes a thematic approach, enabling islands to learn from others that face similar challenges, identify opportunities and stay abreast of the competition.

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Island Vulnerability factors
Twenty vulnerability factors specifically relevant to islands identified and benchmarked against best practice

Climate Change and Environment
Analysis of the environmental strategies and policies being applied in island jurisdictions, including climate change impacts and challenges

Government Income and Expenditure Trends
Review of the latest island government income and expenditure trends including debt levels and capital expenditure allocations

Population, Migration and Demographic Trends
Changing demographic profiles within island communities around the world including the concerns over an ageing population and the effects of migration

Economic Sector Performance and Lifecycle
Performance assessment undertaken of the primary island economic sectors such as tourism, finance and light industry as well as the digital economy

Issues relating to employment levels and trends analysed by economic sector. Unemployment concerns and the policies and actions in place to reduce current levels highlighted

Education, Skills and Training
Review of education, skills and training resources in place together with forthcoming plans to cover lifelong learning opportunities

Infrastructure Investment
Public and private sector investment in areas such as water supply, internal transport, waste management and social housing

Law and Order and Civil Protection
Crime levels and prevention and the protection of island citizens against both natural and human generated disasters

Health and Wellbeing
Examining pressures facing on-island and off-island health and welfare provision and their impact on government expenditure levels and funding now and in the future

Energy Generation
Energy generation and security of supply identified as a key element in long term planning primarily because of the capital outlay and possible alternative sources

Air and Sea Transport
Air and sea links are highlighted as one of the primary areas for constant review due to the importance of lifeline routes for business, leisure and resident travel.